About Us

We are essential workers of every race and background, in every state, keeping America fed, clean, safe and healthy. We care for your children and your aging loved ones. We keep public spaces and facilities clean and secure. We serve your food and keep you safe when you travel. We are essential — and we always have been.

Together in our movement, we demand a seat at the table. We want a $15 minimum wage so we can raise our families with dignity. We want to protect all workers during the COVID pandemic with hazard pay, fully-paid healthcare, paid time off, and any necessary funding so our communities, cities, and states can keep us and our loved ones safe. We want real investments in long term care -- home care and nursing homes -- so our aging loved ones and friends and family with disabilities have the support they need. We want justice for Black and Brown communities and an end to police violence. We want our immigrant neighbors to be welcome and safe. We want good union jobs, a green economy, and for every vote to count.

As we face this ongoing pandemic, the economic and financial fallout, and continuing racism and violence against Black communities and other communities of color, we have to stand together. These crises in our communities aren’t an accident — corporations and some self-serving politicians write the rules to benefit themselves. Essential workers have spoken -- we voted in overwhelming numbers for a new path forward. We’re not going to be divided or let hate and fear distract us. 

Respect us. Protect us. Pay us. It’s time to make sure every family is healthy, safe, and secure, no matter our race, our job or where we live. 

Far too many of us are on the verge of evictions, struggling to buy groceries and putting our health and lives at risk just going to work. No one should be called essential and then treated as expendable.

We're uniting across all backgrounds, races and places to demand Congress immediately pass President Biden’s full American Rescue Plan. This includes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, emergency help for states and towns and funding paid leave, personal protective equipment and hazard pay for essential workers. We must invest in hard-hit Black and brown communities as well as nursing home and home care residents and workers to make sure this never happens again.